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Research, development and planning

The technical department , equipped with sophisticated technical design systems and parametric solid modelers, is run by a staff of highly qualified training-updated designers who can provide a complete service consisting of planning, design, analysis and testing of the finished product that finally goes into production only after a careful quality inspection. Designers catch geometries shaping products with both pleasing and innovative lines, according to what is world-wide known as the ‘Italian Style’. 

The interior outfitting and the matching of coatings and painting are thought giving the customer suggestions and information that are the result of the experience gained.

Technicians and prototype dept. employees work with new products, testing them through examinations and inspections both inside the workshop and on the road. The prototyping procedure includes many tests relevant to various sides of the vehicle, starting from the measurement of the noise produced by the running vehicle. Once the electrical and hydraulic system have been tested under all atmospheric condition, the test for water infiltration takes place under the “shower”.
The vehicles are built in conformity and complete with all the relevant EC certificates issued by the Ministry of  Transport having passed the tests, carried out most of times by means of Sitcar’s equipments, among which: seat strength test, seat belts anchorage test, flammability of materials test, sound level test and EMC test, vehicle’s structure test and vehicle’s stability proof through the 28° Tilt test, know-how property of the company.

Sitcar S.p.A. develops its range of buses using chassis units built by Mercedes Benz, Iveco and other brands.
Production meets the needs of clients interested in the 9 to 35 seater range with a complete series of intermediate solutions.
Production of superstructures for the main vehicle body is the first stage in the production process, where high quality standards are always maintained. Advanced painting techniques are then used to ensure perfect body sealing over time. Once on the assembly line – organized in accordance with the latest lean production standards – vehicles are set-up in accordance with customer specifications.


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This is the fist step in the production of the bus. The structure is made in two big fully-equipped sheds where experienced welders forge the metallic frame and assembly the fibreglass components.
The high quality standard assures a long lasting holding of the frame.

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The innovative color dosing and application systems, the two modern  driers and above all the long experience allow the painters to perfectly finish the buses.
Once the vehicles enter the production line are outfitted according to customer’s request and each part of the bus is carefully installed by the highly qualified staff.